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JHK Roofing Service Inc. is a locally owned and operated full-service roofing restoration company with a combined 30 years of experience to meet all your roofing needs, including specializing in hail and storm damage roof restoration, emergency and disaster recovery, routine maintenance, and insurance claims.

Our sister company, JHK Public Adjuster, is licensed through the Illinois Department of Insurance and is staffed by a dedicated team of knowledgeable, driven individuals whose sole mission is to make sure you, the insured, receive maximum payout for your residential hail damage.

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Quality Service Every "Shingle" Time

Hailstorms are common occurrences, especially in spring and summer, When your neighborhood experiences a hailstorm of any intensity, it leaves a lot of questions.

We have helped hundreds of Chicagoland and Illinois homeowners navigate through the complicated and frustrating insurance claim process. You can count on JHK's experienced public adjusters to advocate for your best interest so your home can be restored to its original magnificence.


It doesn't take a lot of hail, or stones of a certain size to cause damage. Depending on the age and condition of your roof or siding, even a small passing hailstorm can damage your home's exterior, or accelerate existing damage.

It is important to note that even if you see damage that appears insignificant, there may be underlying, less visible damage. Often times damage is undetected by the untrained eye.


If you had a hailstorm in your neighborhood and believe you sustained damage, it's a wise move as a homeowner to be proactive and get it addressed. Left untreated, hail damage may cause further problems that may be more costly to repair in the future.

Fortunately, dealing with hail damage isn't as burdensome as you may think. Here are the steps you should take to initiate the repair process:

1.  Call us for a FREE inspection

Even if you're uncertain about damages you may have sustained, our no-risk inspection and consultation will give you peace of mind. One of our trained professionals will assess all exterior elements of your home for damages, walk you through the next steps if damage is found, and answer any questions you may have.

2. If damage exists, JHK Public Adjuster will file a claim with your insurance company

If we determine there is exterior damage to your home, one of our experienced in-house public adjusters will file a claim in a timely manner. But before doing so, our licensed public adjuster will thoroughly review your insurance policy, assess the damages to your property, and then give you their expert opinion as to what the best course of action is going forward.

3. We will attend the adjuster meeting to advocate for you

Dealing with an insurance company can be a time-consuming ordeal. Your designated public adjuster will thoroughly point out all exterior damages on your property and continue to advocate for you during the inspection. We work directly with your insurance company to agree upon a repair process and price.

4. We help you select the best products

Once the insurance process is settled, we will work with you to select materials to complete your repair. We are roofing and siding experts, and can make recommendations based on our years of experience with homes of all types and sizes. We will find materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing to you, but optimal for your home.

5. We complete the repair process

Our team of trained, experienced installers will go to work, performing all necessary repairs to your home. We are considerate of the needs of each homeowner, and strive to stage the work site in a manner that is minimally invasive. We treat each home the way we'd want our home to be treated - with the utmost care and the highest level of craftmanship.

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  • Residential and Commercial

  • Specialize in Storm and Hail Damaged Roof Replacements

  • Insurance Claims Specialists

  • Composite Roofing

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing / Repair

  • Wood Shake Roofing / Repair

  • Metal Roofing / Repair

  • Stone Coated Steel (Decra)

  • Traditional Tile Roof Install

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  • Roof Replacement

  • Leak and Repair Services

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • RoofGuard Asset Management and Inspections

  • Disaster Response Program

  • Custom Roof Metal Fabrication

  • Energy Audits and Analysis

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